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Hospitals at Saolta University Health Care Group

Children's Remembrance Committee - Annual Golden Enrolment Mass

Annual Golden Enrolment Mass

The Children's Remembrance Committe invite all hospital staff and friends to our Annual Golden Enrolment Mass to our deceased colleagues on Saturday November 5th 2016 at 7PM in the Staff Canteen, Nurses Home, University Hospital Galway.

Galway University Hospitals implement Protected Mealtimes policy

Galway University Hospitals implement Protected Mealtimes policy

Galway University Hospitals has this week implemented a Protected Mealtimes policy. This means that during breakfast from 8.15am to 9.15am, lunch from 12.15pm to 1.15pm and tea-time 5.15pm to 6.15pm all non-urgent activities on the ward will stop. This will provide patients with the opportunity to have their meals without unnecessary interruption and facilitate hospital staff to assist, encourage and monitor patients during mealtime to ensure their food intake is appropriate. 

World Diabetes Day 14 November 2016

World Diabetes Day - 14 November 2016

World Diabetes Day Information Stand

Diabetes Nurse Specialists will host a public information stand in the Main Foyer, University Hospital Galway on 14th November from 10am-3pm

10:00am-12:00pm: Marguerite Melia and Caroline Delargy

12:00pm-14:00pm:  Helen Burke and Aoife Ryan

14:00pm-15:00pm: Aideen Moore and Lisa Reddington

DAFNE programme for Type 1 Diabetes

Galway University Hospitals to hold Ecumenical Memorial Service

Galway University Hospitals to hold Ecumenical Memorial Service

Galway University Hospital will hold its sixth annual Ecumenical Memorial Service on Thursday 20 October at 7.00 pm in the staff canteen, Nurses Home, University Hospital Galway.

The service is organised by the End of Life Care Committee.  The service will be lead by Rev. Helen Freeburn, United Methodist & Presbyterian Church and the homily will be delivered by Mr. Ray Gately, Chaplain, Merlin Park University Hospital. The choir will comprise of hospital staff. 

Galway University Hospitals launch first ever Dementia Awareness Programme in the Republic of Ireland

Galway University Hospitals launch first ever Dementia Awareness Programme in the Republic of Ireland

Galway University Hospitals and Saolta University Health Care Group, in collaboration with the founder of the Butterfly Scheme, Barbara Hodkinson, officially launched the ‘Butterfly Scheme’ in Galway University Hospitals on Wednesday 21 September.  The Butterfly Scheme allows people with temporary confusion, memory loss and dementia to make this fact clear to hospital staff and provides staff with practical training to offer a simple, five-point, targeted response to meet their needs.


Saolta University Health Care Group (formally West/North West Hospitals Group) is one of six new hospital groups announced by the Minister for Health, Dr. James Reilly TD in May, 2013, as part of a re-organisation of public hospitals into more efficient and accountable hospital groups that will deliver improved outcomes for patients.

The Group's Academic Partner is NUI Galway.
By working in groups, hospital services will be provided by the hospitals in each group based on the evidence-based needs of their populations. Each group of hospitals will work together as single cohesive entities managed as one, to provide acute care for patients in their area, integrating with community and primary care. This will maximise the amount of care delivered locally, whilst ensuring complex care is safely provided in larger hospitals.
The objectives of the groups are to:
  • Achieve the highest standard of quality and uniformity in hospital care across the group;
  • Deliver cost effective hospital care in a timely and sustainable manner;
  • Encourage and support clinical and managerial leaders;
  • Ensure high standards of governance, both clinical and corporate and recruit and retain high quality nurses, NCHDs, consultants, allied health professionals and administrators in all our hospitals.
Saolta University Health Care Group has 1,770 beds and 7,620 staff and a budget of €600m.

Patients are at the heart of everything we do.  Our mission is to provide high quality and equitable services for all by delivering care based on excellence in clinical practice, teaching, and research, grounded in kindness, compassion and respect, whilst developing our staff and becoming a model employer.



Our Vision is to build on excellent foundations already laid, further developing and integrating our Group, fulfilling our role as an exemplar, and becoming the first Trust in Ireland.



Respect - We aim to be an organisation where privacy, dignity, and individual needs are respected, where staff are valued, supported and involved in decision–making, and where diversity is celebrated, recognising that working in a respectful environment will enable us to achieve more.

Compassion    We will treat all patients and family members with dignity, sensitivity and empathy.

Kindness  -  Whilst we develop our organisation as a business, we will remember it is a service, and treat our patients and each other with kindness and humanity.

Quality  -  We seek continuous quality improvement in all we do, through creativity, innovation, education and research.

Learning  -   We will nurture and encourage lifelong learning and continuous improvement, attracting, developing and retaining high quality staff, enabling them to fulfill their  potential.

Integrity  -  through our governance arrangements and or value system, we will ensure all of our services are transparent, trustworthy and reliable and delivered to the highest ethical standards, taking responsibility and accountability for our actions.

Teamworking  -  we will engage and empower our staff, sharing best practise and strengthening relationships with our partners and patients to achieve our Mission.

Communication  -  we aim to communicate with patients, the public, our staff and stakeholders, empowering them to actively participate in all aspects of the service, encouraging inclusiveness, openness and accountability.


These Values shape our strategy to create an organisational culture and ethos to deliver high quality and safe services for all we serve and that staff are rightly proud of.

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