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Pathology Department

Hospital Location: 
Letterkenny University Hospital
Pathology Department, LUH

About us
The Pathology Laboratory provides a comprehensive testing service to the clinicians and patients of Letterkenny University Hospital and our external users i.e. Primary Care/ General Practitioners, Community Nursing Units/Homes and District Hospitals within Donegal. Pathology Laboratory departments include Biochemistry, Haematology, Blood Transfusion, Histopathology and Microbiology. A Haemovigilance service is based in the Pathology Department, working closely with the Blood Transfusion department, to provide a service within the hospital.

Mortuary Services are also provided at Letterkenny University Hospital.

An "On-Call" Service is provided outside routine working hours for urgent requests in Biochemistry, Haematology, Blood Transfusion and Microbiology

Pathology Laboratory User Manuals:

Accreditation status

The Pathology Laboratory incorporating Haemovigilance complies with the International standard ISO 15189 (current edition) and EU Directive 2002/98/EC for the scope of services and tests defined in our scope of accreditation*. This is controlled by the Irish National Accreditation Board (INAB) and detailed in Scope Registration Number 210MT on the INAB website

The Blood Transfusion, Haematology, Biochemistry, Microbiology and Histopathology departments are accredited.

Pathology Service Contact Details

The Pathology Laboratory service is provided by a multi-disciplinary team of staff consisting of Laboratory Medical Consultants, Medical Scientists, Laboratory Assistants, Clerical and Haemovigilance Officers. Full departmental staff contact information is available within the Pathology Department User Manual.

To contact the laboratory for routine enquiries please use the numbers listed below.  Telephone requests for results, sampling procedures or add-on tests should be directed to the appropriate department.  We endeavour to answer all phone calls as quickly as possible but during busy periods in the day we may not be able to answer the phones as promptly.  We would ask that if your call is not answered that you try at a later time. 

Pathology Dept Contacts
Main Laboratory Specimen Reception (Routine hours only)
General EnquiriesExt 3557 or 074-9123557
Blood Transfusion 
LaboratoryExt 3612 or 074-9123612
Technical Services, Chief Medical ScientistExt 3612 or 074-9123612
Advisory Services,Consultant HaematologistExt 3660
Haemovigilance OfficerExt 2773/Bleep 6400
Outside routine hours (17:00-08:00 Mon –Fri, Weekends and Public holidays)Medical Scientist on-call: 173-815 or  directly via the switchboard 074-9125888
General Biochemistry SectionExt 3559 or 074-9123559
Outside routine hours (17:00-08:00 Mon –Fri, Weekends and Public holidays)

Medical Scientist on-call 173-814 or directly via the switchboard 074-9125888

Haematology LaboratoryExt 3660 or 074-9123660
Advisory Services, Consultant HaematologistExt 3660
Outside routine hours (17:00-08:00 Mon –Fri, Weekends and Public holidays)Medical Scientist on-call: 173-815 or  directly via the switchboard 074-9125888
General EnquiriesExt 3610  or 074-9123610
Consultant Microbiologist, Dr M MulhernExt 4090
Outside routine hours (17:00-08:00 Mon –Fri, Weekends and Public holidays)Medical Scientist on-call: 173-816 or  directly via the switchboard 074-9125888
Histopathology (Routine hours only) 
General EnquiriesExt 3561 or 074-9123561
Main Pathology OfficeExt 2571/2572 or 094-9042571/2
Consultant Histopathologist, Dr G. O’ DowdExt 3545
Consultant Histopathologist , Dr K.M. DillonExt 3546
Consultant Histopathologist,  Dr H. GyorrfyExt 4496
Consultant Histopathologist, Dr F SokolExt 4165



































Specimen transportation systems should ensure the timely arrival of specimens at laboratory reception, in optimal condition, at the correct destination, in a manner that does not pose a threat to the health and safety of anyone coming in contact with the sample and is in compliance with regulations. The Pathology Departments specimen transport policy is available here.

MP-GEN-0060 Transport of Specimens to and from LUH Laboratory.