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SUH welcomes new Buddy Beds to the Paediatric Unit

SUH welcomes new Buddy Beds to the Paediatric Unit

Sligo University Hospital (SUH) is delighted to introduce 21 new buddy beds to the Paediatric Department thanks to individual generous donations and a massive fundraising campaign by the local community.

The fundraising campaign, which began in December 2018, has now resulted in the provision of new buddy beds which are special chairs that convert to comfortable beds allowing for a restful night’s stay for a parent or family member.
Orla McDonagh, Acting Clinical Nurse Manager (CNM), Paediatric Unit at Sligo University Hospital explains, “While working as a CNM on the paediatric ward, one of the main concerns I had was the lack of appropriate sleeping arrangements available to parents who would have to stay with their child overnight in hospital.
“We tapped into our community and got tremendous support from local organisations, schools, crèches, clubs, government departments, social clubs and Friends of Sligo University Hospital.  Our local secondary schools in the area hosted ‘A Christmas Jumper’ Day and volunteers of the St Patrick’s ‘Leprechaun’ Day Parade not only attempted to break the world record for the largest gathering of people dressed as leprechauns but also joined our fundraiser campaign.
“We are very grateful of the support from three families in the area: the family of the late Paddy McCarrick from Sligo town, who worked in SUH, donated one of the beds in Paddy’s memory; the Amy Lowry Trust from Ballymote donated a bed in memory of their daughter Amy; and the Forde family from Grange donated a bed in appreciation of Fr John Carroll, our hospital Chaplin for all his hard work, dedication, support and friendship to their family.

“The 21 buddy beds in the Paediatric Unit are vitally important and the benefits are far-reaching with parents and family members having somewhere appropriate to rest and have some semblance of a night’s sleep while at the same time being near their child to comfort them.”
Grainne McCann, General Manager at Sligo University Hospital said, “I would like to thank sincerely our wonderful fundraisers, our incredible staff who got this campaign off the ground and to all three families for their very kind and generous donations. These beds are a much welcome addition and we hope that they will provide a level of comfort to all families who use them.”


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