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New Cancer Research carried out at Letterkenny University Hospital published

New research from Letterkenny University Hospital (LUH) identifies the importance of reducing infective complications after cancer surgery to improve cancer outcomes. Results from this research undertaken in Letterkenny University Hospital and in conjunction with Ulster University at the Magee campus, identified that infective complications have a significant negative effect on overall survival, cancer specific survival, local recurrence and overall recurrence in patients undergoing colorectal surgery. The research was undertaken in the Donegal Clinical Research Academy based in LUH and was recently published in the British Journal of Surgery.

Commenting Mr Michael Sugrue Consultant Surgeon at LUH and the Project Principal Investigator said, “This research is very important as it helps us understand further the impact of infective complications in colorectal surgery patients and helps us manage these infections more effectively. This research took place over two consecutive summers and has involved over 40 students who are aligned to the Breast Unit and the Donegal Research Academy. This study was of specific importance and it has formed a basis for new research at the unit.”

UCD medical student and Donegal native Jack Lawler who was one of the research authors stated, “Undertaking this research over the last two summers was a very positive experience and I believe the work we have done will help improve survival for cancer patients. Letterkenny University Hospital provides excellent opportunities for medical students to undertake research that can have a direct impact on patient outcomes. There is a really dynamic and proactive approach to research and a number of my fellow students have undertaken similar work. I would hope at some point to return to work in Letterkenny once my training is completed.”

Dr Randal Parlour, Director of Research in the emergency surgery program added, “It is really positive to see such important research emanated from the North West of Ireland. It strengthens collaboration with our partners in the Centre for Personalised Medicine in Ulster University and the Western Health and Social Care Trust.”

Statistician Magda Bucholc who has been actively involved in over 20 research projects in LUH over the last number of years remarked, “I am really pleased to see this research come to fruition and it is fantastic for the people of the North West to have this research hub on their door step.”

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