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MUH Patient & Family Engagement Committee

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Roadmap for Organisational Excellence, from the bedside to management team (PowerPoint Presentation)

Mayo University Hospital is leading the way on Patient and Family Engagement and has recruited Patient and Family Experience Advisors to work with the hospital. The ultimate goal is to bring the perspectives and lived experiences of patients and families directly into the planning, delivery and evaluation of care.  This is part of an overall hospital plan to establish an on-going culture of Quality Improvement and to enhance Safety and Quality for patients and their families.

Our hospital is the first in the country to undertake this venture and the hospital will have a pool of Patient Experience Advisors who will share first hand their experience of being a patient/family member. The patient is the expert on the quality of the service they received, and on how their illness impacts on their daily life and that of their family.  This expertise can provide the hospital with a wealth of information.

As the project develops Patient Experience Advisors will sit on key committees within the hospital and bring their experience to these areas. They will also share their experiences of care with student doctors, nurses and other staff, and thus enhance the quality of health professional education. 

To learn more about the Patient and Family Engagement initiative please download our Patient and Family Engagement Information leaflet.

The National Patient Experience Survey 2018

The National Patient Experience Survey is a nationwide survey asking people for feedback about their stay in hospital. Please click here to download The 2017 National Patient Experience Survey Results for Mayo University Hospital.

To learn more about the National Patient Experience Survey please go to or watch the short video below: