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January 2013 Minutes

Board Room, University Hospital Galway, Galway
Date & Time: 
Tuesday, January 15, 2013 - 08:00 to 10:30

Galway & Roscommon University Hospital Group

Board of Directors Interim Meeting




Date:                     15th January 2013, 8.00am to 10.30am

Location:              Board Room, Nurses Home, UHG


Agenda Item

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Report No.





For Approval: Matters Arising from Minutes


Follow-up Actions from Induction Day


For Noting: Follow up actions from Induction Day 15th Nov 2012 (Enc.)


Draft  Governance Arrangements (incl Additional Hospitals)


For Noting (Enc.)




For Noting: CEO Report (Enc.)

For Noting: Portfolio Update of GMT (Enc.)

For Noting: Prof Higgins Recommendations Report (Verbal.)

For Noting: Communication Action Plan (Enc.)





Group Medical Director


For Noting: Group Medical Director Report (Enc.)


Group Director of Nursing


For Noting: Group Director of Nursing Report (Enc.)

For Noting: Patient Advisory Liaison Officer (Enc.)

For Approval: Professorial Post in Nursing (Enc.)

For Noting: Visit to Bart’s Trust (Enc.)







For Noting: Group CFO Report (Enc.)

For Noting:  Service Plan 2013 (Enc.)

For Noting: Procurement Plan Update (Verbal.)





For Noting: Group Performance Report (Enc.)

For Noting: Due Diligence  (Verbal)


Senior Management Appraisal (Incl Targets )


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Chairman Update


For Noting: International Healthcare Partnership Trip (Verbal)


Any Other Business




Board of Directors Interim Meeting

Galway & Roscommon University Hospitals Group

Friday, 21st December, 2012 at 8.30 a.m to 09.30am

Boardroom, University Hospital, Galway


Members Present:

Mr. Noel Daly, Chair (ND)

Mr. Bill Maher, Group CEO (WEM)

Dr Pat Nash, Group Clinical Director (PN)

Mr. Maurice Power, Chief Financial Officer (MP)

Ms. Colette Cowan, Group Director of Nursing (CC)

Ms. Fiona McHugh, Secretary, (FMH)



Agenda Item No


Discussions /Comments




The Chair opened the meeting by welcoming Dr. Pat Nash, the newly appointed Group Clinical Director to his first Board Meeting, and wished him well in his new appointment, which was endorsed by the CEO.











Minutes of the meeting held on the 26th October, 2012 were approved and signed.


The Chair noted that the Non Executive Director Induction day held recently was well received and in particular the Non Executive Directors were delighted that both Dr. Ambrose McLoughlin ,Secretary General DOH and Dr Martin Connor, Centre for Management and Operational Development for DOH.   Ms F. McHugh was thanked for organising this event. 


The Chair advised that he is meeting with the Non Executive Directors individually to update them on developments of the Board and Group Structures following many meetings  with the DOH and that it is anticipated that new Group Structures to be announced on the 16th January 2013.




ABC System




Mr Maurice Power requested formal approval from the Board to proceed with procurement with Performation Ireland/UK to assist the Group with a better understanding of the cost drivers for the activity undertaken across the Groups hospitals.

The Chair welcomed this development and the interim Board approved the immediate procurement of ABC system as the preferred supplier.

ABC is one of the key recommendations of both the Ogden Report and the PA Consulting Report.










Proposal re QSM system support services




Mr Bill Maher outlined for the meeting the work which has been undertaken by the Group regarding the implementation of a Quality and Safety Management System to support services of the new Governance Structure of the Group and in particular the newly formed Patient Safety Committee and requested formal approval from the Board to go to procurement with HCI Health Care to provide additional support pending reorganisation of the Quality and Safety Function and help manage patient safety and risk.




ICT update




Mr Maurice Power outlined the progress regarding the Electronic Documentation Patient Record System (EDPRS).  It was noted that to proceed to tender Centre for Management and Organisation Development (CMOD) approval is required.  The Group are working towards a target submission date to CMOD for their meeting in February 2013; in the meantime work is ongoing on developing the specification document for the project.


The Board noted the development and requested that Maurice Power seek advice from National Procurement regarding the next steps and also acknowledged the work carried out to date and in particular Martin Molloy’s contribution in producing the business case template required for submission to CMOD.














Governance Arrangements – Next Steps




Mr Maurice Power requested formal approval from the Board to go to tender for Consultancy support to assist with the completion of the Governance arrangements for the Group.  The Chair acknowledged the progress to date in the development of the overall Governance Framework and requested that funding for the project be sought from the Secretary General DOH.


The interim Board approved the Governance Framework request to tender.











International Partnership Programme




Mr Bill Maher presented the proposed itinerary for the HIMMS Conference / International Relations Programme ( 27th February – 4th March 2013) incorporating visits to leading USA hospitals and Universities and outlined the importance of this programme to address a number of key strategic objectives for the Group. The Chair advised the Board that Ambrose McLoughlin Secretary General was keen to participate and will also travel. It was noted that it was important to identify the right partners going forward. The interim board approved this trip and requested that the board receive an update/ action plan following the visit.


The CEO recommended that a similar fact finding programme be arranged for the UK and Northumberland was suggested. The Board recommended that formal links with the UK be set up in a similar manner to the International Partnership Programme. Mr Bill Maher and Ms Colette Cowan to take forward and identify programme /likely dates.













Due Diligence Update




The report submitted by Mr Tony Canavan COO regarding the progress to date on the Due Diligence with Mayo General Hospital circulated prior to meeting was discussed. Noted a comprehensive report for presentation will be completed for the next Board Meeting.  


The Chair proceeded to update the interim Board on developments of the Prof. John Higgins report and advised that it is anticipated that the report will be made available on the 1

6th January.  Mayo General Hospital will join the Group and it is anticipated that Sligo General Hospital and Letterkenny General Hospital will be added as subgroups to the Group. It is unclear how the governance model will work at this stage.

It was agreed that Mr Noel Daly would seek a meeting with the Secretary General regarding new Group Structures before the Groups are formally announced.












Service Plan 2013




The National Service Plan for 2013 circulated prior to the meeting was discussed. The following key points were noted.

  • Hospitals allocation will be based on 2012 Outturn

·         There will be a 3.2% budget reduction applied to the outturn.

·         The Group will have to absorb a budget reduction relating to the Croke Park agreement (yet to be quantified)

·         There will be some additional funding for demographics including oncology drugs.

·         There will be some additional funding for new services such as colorectal screening programme

·         There is a further €150m reduction not yet allocated.


The interim Board acknowledged the significant progress and the Chair on his own behalf and on behalf of the interim Board thanked Maurice Power for his efforts in relation to the Service Plan and related budget for 2013.


Mr Maurice Power to update Board on developments




















Matters Arising




The CEO advised the Board that interview for the Clinical Director for Medicine and the General Manager Post for GUH are taking place later today. 


The CEO updated the interim Board on the Savita Halappanavar (RIP) inquiry and advised that a meeting took place with Q4 at the request of the Secretary General to support the communication process of this enquiry. Mr. Jackie Gallagher from Q4 has now been appointed to lead the communication process. The Chair advised that he will negotiate the fee payable to Q4 with the Secretary General and Mr Gallagher.

 The following were also noted

  • HIQA have agreed their terms of reference and have appointed 5 of the 6 members of the investigation team and have yet to advise when the investigation will commence.
  • The internal review headed by Prof. Sabaratnam Arulkumaran into the death of SH is ongoing and the draft report for accuracy is due to be received next week 28th December 2012.







Any other Business




The Chair thanked everyone for their support since his appointment on the 11th June and commended the Executive for their high level of commitment and hard work and in particular Mr Maurice Power for his significant role in preparing the ground work in terms of governance.





Date of Next Meeting




15th January 2013 at 8am 






SIGNED DIRECTOR:        _________________________________                   DATE:  ______________________

                                                Chair of Board