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Update from the West / North West Hospitals Group - Non Consultant Hospital Doctors strike

All our hospitals in the West / North West Hospitals Group are coping today (8-10-13) with a reduced number in rostered NCHDs.
In preparation for today’s strike, the level of planned activity was scaled back to match the available resources.
Tony Canavan, Chief Operating Officer stated, “We are trying to minimise the disruption to our patients today, however, due to the important role that NCHDs play, it is not possible to run the hospitals at full capacity during a strike. A number of outpatient clinics have been postponed.
“Emergency Department and other critical services such as maternity, renal dialysis and oncology services are in place but patients may experience some delays.
“We are in regular contact with the IMO representatives in each hospital to exchange updates.
“I’d like to thank our patients for their understanding at this time. All postponed appointments will be rescheduled as soon as possible.”